MIKRONIEK Readers' survey

23 April 2018


Valued Mikroniek reader,


Mikroniek is a publication of the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering.

Every member of our association receives the magazine for free. In order to better align the magazine to your wishes as a reader and understand how Mikroniek is appreciated by our membership, we did a readers' survey in the beginning of 2018.


For your reference, previous issues can be found at www.dspe.nl/mikroniek/archive


DSPE board

Mikroniek editorial board:


Just Herder - University of Delft
Servaas Bank - Mecal
Bert Brals - Sioux
Dannis Brouwer- University of Twente
Maarten Dekker - Demcon
Ronald Lamers - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Erik Manders - Philips
Pieter Nuij - NTS Group
Gerrit Oosterhuis - VDL ETG
Maurice Teuwen - Janssen Precision Engineering