Mechatronics Academy has ECP2 premiere in Taiwan

29 January 2016

In January 2016, Jan van Eijk, Rob Munnig Schmidt and Adrian Rankers travelled to ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in Taiwan to deliver the Mechatronic System Design training.

ITRI (more than 5,000 employees) was founded in 1973 and opened a Netherlands office in 2013, at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, to expand its network to Dutch high-tech companies.


The initiative to bring the well-known training from the Eindhoven region to Taiwan was taken by Prof. Shuo Huong Chang, former executive vice president of ITRI, professor at National Taiwan University and co-founder of TSPE (Taiwan Society for Precision Engineering).


After a meeting with DSPE president Hans Krikhaar and Adrian Rankers in 2013, Prof. Chang was convinced of the concept that large multi-disciplinary teams can only be successful on system level if team members combine three elements:

• excellence in their own discipline;
• basic understanding of adjacent disciplines;
• cooperation attitude and skills.


End of 2015, euspen and DSPE launched the new combined certification program for precision engineering post-graduate education, called ECP2, as the European successor to DSPE's Certified Precision Engineer program. The participants of the Mechatronic System Design course were the first to receive the new combined euspen/DSPE certificate.




Participant Hsiang-Hung Chang receiving the euspen/DSPE ECP2 certificate from Prof. Rob Munnig Schmidt.