Certified Precision Engineer program milestone

Certified Precision Engineer program milestone

18 March 2015

DSPE certification program chairman Jan-Willem Martens (left) and Nikola Vasiljević from the Technical University of Denmark, who reached the bronze level in the CPE program.

This week, the first bronze level CPE certificate within the DSPE Certified Precision Engineer training framework has been awarded to Nikola Vasiljević from the Technical University of Denmark. He successfully completed the 3-days training "Actuation & Power Electronics" by Mechatronics Academy in cooperation with The High Tech Institute and thus reached the level of 25 points which corresponds to the bronze level.

The bronze level is a stepping stone to ultimately reach a total of 45 points in a well-balanced package of courses, which corresponds to the full certificate and the title 'Certified Precision Engineer'. The regulations are controlled by the DSPE Certification program committee under supervision of the DSPE advisory board.

One of the objectives of DSPE (Dutch Society for Precision Engineering) is to improve the level of knowledge and cooperation in the field of precision engineering in the Netherlands. Therefore, DSPE launched the CPE initiative in 2011. This program aims to promote post-academic technical education. Based on the demands in the market, DSPE has selected and qualified 25 of the best post-academic courses for precision engineers. The CPE program reflects the demand for multidisciplinary system thinking, excellent cooperative skills and in-depth knowledge of relevant disciplines. This combined investment in education aims to create a common way of working and to facilitate networking among precision engineers. Last year more than 350 students followed one or more certified courses.

The CPE program also raised international interest and initial cooperation with renowned European parties has started to bring the concept to European level.