PIB visits MECAL


29 March 2017

Predictive modelling has become an important part of the engineering toolbox. For MECAL it has been core competence for over 25 years. With their portfolio of simulation tools and methods they have enabled many customers in the high-tech industry to develop their technology and products.

Mecal helps them do this in a controllable development process, even for specifications and technologies that are completely new. Predictive modelling is also used by MECAL to develop their own products, such as vibration isolation systems, which find their way to the market as OEM products or via IP licenses.




14:30 Coffee/tea
15:00 Opening, Bart Dirkx, boardmember DSPE
15:10 Introduction MECAL - Bernhard Bakker, CTO MECAL
15:25 The changing world of predictive modelling - Walfred Maas, Group Leader Analysis MECAL
15:55 State of the art vibration isolation - Johan van Seggelen, Business Development Manager MECAL
16:25 Prototyping workshop tour
17:00 Drinks and snacks



Maximum of guests: 30

Location: Mecal Eindhoven, De Witbogt 17, 5652 AG Eindhoven