PIB visits ASML - visitors Report


1 December 2016 - 1 December 2015

Report on the Precision-in-Business Day: ASML


On the 1st of December 2016, YPN paid a visit to ASML in Veldhoven.

First, we visited the recently opened and highly inspiring ASML Experience Center. You can find anything from a historic wall to several machine-components, old and new.

Last but not least, a live-view of cleanrooms on an impressive screen can be found, at what most closely resembles a space-center control room. Next, at ASML TMF (Test and Measurement Facility) we saw some hands-on test-setups to validate (sub)components of the machines. Before we had some drinks in the lounge to end this interesting afternoon, Bas van Dorp gave a technical presentation on the design of a laser alignment tool.

YPN would like to thank ASML for the hospitality and the inspiring visit. Particularly, Cor Ottens as host of the day, Bas van Dorp for his talk, and Martijn Bazelmans for the guide through TMF.