Dynamics for Precision Engineering

29 March 2018


From macro to micro


The field of dynamics is one of the oldest fields of science, which started from Newton's analysis of planetary motion and is now applied in almost every technological area.

Especially in the field of precision engineering, dynamics and control face many challenges.


At the large scale, high-tech systems require precision to be extended toward the nanometer and even picometer range, e.g. for volume production, automotive and space applications. This is increasingly difficult because at the same time these systems need to operate at the highest possible speeds, causing large and high-frequency excitations. At the same time, external noise sources need to be damped to prevent undesired vibrations.


On the other hand at small scale, micro and nanoscale devices for sensing and actuator applications in e.g. mobile and medical applications, are required to meet increasingly accurate readout and control, while operating in the MHz range due to their small mass.



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