DSPE Optics and Optomechatronics Week 2015


28 September - 2 October 2015

Refering to the ambiance of the DSPE optical symposium in October 2013, the symposium will provide an atmosphere for networking, technical discussion, and sharing the enthusiasm of working in this challenging field. Relations are invited to participate as partner or participant.

28 September – DSPE Optics and Optomechatronics Symposium 2015
29 – 30 September - Course Optomechanics (2 days)
29 – 30 September and 1 and 2 October – Course SMETHODS+ (4 days)


Bi-annualy the DSPE organizes an optical symposium to stimulate optical activities in the Netherlands, to update our optical members and to give them the opportunity to network. This year we could combine it with the European initiative to educate optical engineers by means of the optical 3-days course called SMETHODS. This episode is organized at the group of prof Paul Urbach at the university of Delft. By an initiative of Hittech, prof. Daniel Vucobratovich has been invited to add a 2 days course on optomechanics as well. The DSPE stimulates optomechatronic knowledge share and is happy this event could be organized. The DSPE also initiated the Optomechatronics summerschool, which will be held next summer again. This comprehensive 5-days course gives and inside in the whole optomechatronics competence to create complex optomechatronics systems. Aside of that, this week has a very social aspect in getting to know eachother  and share ambition and friendship.


More information www.opticsweek.nl