European Mask and Lithography Conference EMLC2015

22 - 23 June 2015

22-23 June 2015

The two days conference is dedicated                             
to the science, technology, engineering and application
of mask and lithography technologies and associated
processes, giving an overview of the present status in mask
and lithography technologies and the future strategy where
mask producers and users have the opportunity of be -
coming acquainted with new developments and results. This
year's sessions include:
"Extension of Immersion Lithography"; "EUV Lithography";
"High NA EUV Lithography"; "EUV Mask Technology"; "Toward
7nm Technology"; "Mask Preparation and OPC"; "Mask
Metro logy"; "Mask writing" and last but not least there will
be a "DSA Session".


Location: Pullman Hotel Eindhoven

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