DSPE Knowledge Day "Engineering for Contamination Control"


23 June 2020

Due to corona virus developments and policies in the Netherlands, the DSPE has postponed the DSPE Knowledge Day on "Engineering for Contamination Control" of 2 April 2020. The intention is to organise the event end September or beginning of October this year. Soon we will update you with the new event date.

The second edition will focus on design aspects aimed at dealing with contamination or minimising the implications of (particle) contamination. In addition, information will be shared regarding tools that support the design (and test) phase of a project. The event is highly relevant for precision engineers involved in designing advanced mechatronics systems.

This DSPE Knowledge Day on Engineering for Contamination Control is organised in collaboration with VCCN (Association of Contamination Control Netherlands) and the companies VDL-ETG, Settels Savenije, Omneo Systems, and Lans Engineering / Fast Micro.


The following experts will contribute to this event:
Paul Blom (Senior System Engineer at VDL ETG)
Sven Pekelder (CTO at Settels Savenije)
Cees van Duijn (Contamination Control Expert at Omneo Systems)
Rob Lansbergen (Senior System Engineer at Lans Engineering / Fast Micro)


More details about date and location in Eindhoven will follow soon.


Please, let us know if you are interested in this event. For the moment we have reached the maximum numbers of attendees (due to registrations for the 2 April 2020 edition). You can register for the waiting list via the form below.


For registration on the waiting list: