3-Day Course Optomechanical System Design


1 - 3 October 2019

The teachers will guide you through the diverse landscape of optomechanical system design. They will begin with the basics and show approaches and solutions for many design issues along the way. Together they draw upon more than 100 years of experience in this field at Dutch universities and research institutes and in the high-tech industry. In the curriculum a wide variety of design examples are used, focusing on the lessons of failure.


From optics to optomechanics
This part deals with mechanical and hardware-related aspects of an optical design. The system engineering aspects are presented in a practical fashion with many examples. Tools for evaluating tolerances and error budgets will be provided and discussed.


Mechanics for optics
In this part all practical design rules are presented with many examples of crucial hardware aspects


In this part 'side issues' are presented that can be become show stoppers in optomechanic system design, including cable routing and surface treatment. Alsoa worskhop on cryogenics is given.



Location: Fontys University of Applied Science Eindhoven, The Netherlands