YPN visits NTS Group Eindhoven


9 September 2015

The NTS-Group, formed by the merger between Te Strake and Nebato in 2005, is system supplier for the high tech industry. They are responsible for the development, creation and assembly of opto-mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM's).


Dr. Shahzad Khan, Technical Specialist and host of the day, welcomed the YPN party and gave an introduction about the NTS-Group . Lately, the NTS-Group is investing to add system development to its manufacturing and contract manufacturing role; from build to print to creating specifications, although manufacturing and assembly will remain their core competence.

This new role in system development was demonstrated by dr. ir. Rens Henselmans, who showed the development of a large motion module for a new combined MRI – radiation therapy system. The technical challenges and solutions were shown, along with the process from first test setup through prototypes towards series production.


During the second presentation, ir. Asma Qadir talked about a practical measurement method to determine acoustic vibration sensitivity of precision positioning equipment. She used the frequency domain to separate the contributions of the error sources, using 1/3rd octave band filters as excitation signals. Furthermore, they were able to detect non-linear system responses.


After the presentation, a tour through NTS Mechatronics by Gerard Hullegie (Teamleader Assembly) gave the group a sneak-peak into the assembly line in Eindhoven. First we saw the new cleanrooms, of which a large part is ISO-class 6, being able to assemble some ASML parts. Some products being assembled were a drone with a camera, an Assembléon machine, an Apostore picking-machine, and different lines of the Phenom-World microscope.


Afterwards, we came together to share some thoughts about the visit during drinks.

YPN would like to thank the NTS-Group for organising the visit.


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