The Young Precision Network (YPN) visited DEMCON

11 February 2015

On Wednesday February 11th 2015, the Young Precision Network (YPN) will visit DEMCON ADVANCED MECHATRONICS in Enschede. Demcon is a high-end supplier of products and systems with high-tech systems and medical devices as focus areas. Mechatronics is the multidisciplinary specialism of DEMCON which means that mechatronic systems engineering is the main discipline, the 'mechatronic brain' within Demcon. Several customers are outsourcing the development of new products and systems at Demcon. Demcon will organize a company visit and will talk about four challenging projects.


13:30-13:45: Welcome
13:45-13:50: Opening
13:50-14:00: Introduction Demcon
14:00-14:30: Handling vibrations in very low-flow Coriolis mass flow measurement
14:30-15:00: Tool for in-field placement of glass fibre connectors
15:00-15:30: Wafer stage development: nanomenter accuracy in ultra high vacuum
15:30-16:00: Hand scanner for detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
16:00-16:20: Lab tour
16:20-17:00: Drinks



Registration: Free of charge, send a email to: or
Visiting address: DEMCON, Institutenweg 25, 7521 PH Enschede