3-DAY COURSE Optomechanical System Design is FULL


9 - 11 March 2020

Unfortunatelly this course is already full.


Optomechanical system design is a truly multidisciplinary expertise that combines optical, mechanical, mechatronic, thermal, electrical, control and systems engineering. It covers (mass) product development for the high-tech industry, where reliability and manufacturability are paramount, as well as advanced one-of-a-kind instruments for science and research, for which ultimate performance is the design objective.


Achieving good optical system performance involves an integral approach of the optical and mechanical design during an iterative optimisation process. The optomechanical engineer is not an optical designer, but he has to understand the impact of optical principles on system design and mechanics.


Course overview
To promote optomechanical system design, DSPE has taken the initiative to organise a 3-day course that provides thorough introduction. The course focuses on the mechanical design for optical systems and is intended for mechanical, mechatronic and optical engineers involved in optomechanical system design. It will also be a very valuable course for any engineer interested in optomechanical design approaches and solutions.

The teachers will guide you through the diverse landscape of optomechanical system design. They will begin with the basics and show approaches and solutions for many design issues along the way. The teachers are experienced engineers, who know the tricks of the trade in optomechatronics, system architecture, system design and engineering, and optomechanical engineering. Together they draw upon more than 100 years of experience in this field at Dutch universities and research institutes and in the high-tech industry.


Investment 1400 euro for non DSPE members, 1200 euro for DSPE members (excluding VAT).
Location: BCN Eindhoven, Kennedyplein 204 (near railwaystation Eindhoven)


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