About DSPE

The Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) is a professional community for precision engineers: from scientists to craftsmen, employed from laboratories to workshops, from multinationals to small companies and universities.

What makes membership of DSPE unique


  • The only community in the field of precision engineering in the Netherlands with their own journal Mikroniek.
  • Active since 1954!
  • Members receive the free journal Mikroniek (international magazine on precision enginerwing) six times a year. Every new member gets free editorial publicity in Mikroniek.
  • Networking meetings with others in the profession, suchs as the regular Precision in Business (PiB) day, the Optics & Opto-Mechanics Day and the two-yearly DSPE Conference on Precision Mechatronics.
  • Special Interest Groups about Optics and Opto-Mechatronics and Thermomechanics.
  • Website www.dspe.nl with background articles on precision engineering.
  • Young Precision Network (YPN) a network where young precision engineering can share their knowledge.
  • CPE - Certificied Precision Engineer Certificates for postgraduate precision engineering training programmes.
  • Member benefits at fairs, conferences and for training programmes, such as the five-day Opto-Mechatronics Summer School, LiS Academy Summer School on the manufacturability of metal precision components, Precision Fair and High-Tech Systems event.Four Awards for promoting precision engineering.


Joining the DSPE

If you are interested in joining the DSPE, please contact us by email for more information.

You can also download the registration form below.


Registration Form DSPE

Our contact information can be found here.