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Excellent Knowledge sharing on Optomechatronics

Networking, technical discussion, sharing the enthusiasm of working in this challenging field

This interest group aims to bring optical and opto-mechatronic experts together, to learn from each other and to increase the economic potential of this area of competence.

Successful first DSPE Optics & Optomechatronics Symposium

Last month, the first DSPE Optics & Optomechatronics Symposium took place in the conference centre of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE). Topics included the design and manufacturing of optics as well as optomechanics, and their implementation in optomechatronic systems. With top-class speakers from the world’s leading companies, over 110 delegates and an exhibition hosting seven companies, the inaugural edition of this DSPE initiative was a great success. Read the full report in the latest Mikroniek issue.



 Delegates in deep concentration at the symposium (l). And  at networking event (r)
(Photos: Jan Pasman)

With lectures from the following speakers:
Wilhelm Ulrich Sr. Director Optical Deisgn Carl Zeiss:
"Freeform Optics"

Stefan Sinzinger Head of Technical Optics TU Ilmenau:
"Freeform surfaces in optical microsystems -from design to applications"

Wolfgang Vollrath Chief Scientist KLA-Tencor MIE GmbH:
"Optical design and manufacturing requirements for high performance microscope objectives"

Arie den Boef Fellow ASML:
"Optical Metrology of Semiconductor Wafers in Lithography"

Bert van der Pasch Fellow ASML:
"System-stability in a lithography wafer scanner"

Jan Nijenhuis Sr. System Engineer TNO:
"The opto-mechanical performance of the mirror segments for the E-ELT"

Chris Velzel Author of:
"A Course in Lens design"

Chairman of the day:
Jan-Willem Martens VP Systems Engineering