Martin van den Brink Award

To highlight the importance of system architecture, the Martin van den Brink Award was established in 2012 thanks to an initiative from DSPE, TNO, Brainport Industries, High Tech Systems Platform, Point-One and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.


 Martin van den Brink Award 

In 2012, the DSPE Advisory Board suggested that another award would be welcome, for the best system architect in precision engineering. A name was found easily. By far Martin van den Brink is the most successful system architect in the Netherlands, bringing ASML to where it is today. He would say: "I did it with my team", which is of course true, but Martin van den Brink played the crucial role of giving directions.
The first Martin van den Brink Award was assigned in 2012, to ir. Erik Loopstra of ASML during a very nice and informative ceremony at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. 

Martin van den Brink Award 2016 for founder of mechatronics in the Netherlands

Jan van Eijk, former CTO of Mechatronics at Philips Applied Technologies and Emeritus Professor of Advanced Mechatronics at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), received the Martin van den Brink Award May 26, 2016.

This second system architecture award was presented at a gala dinner held at the Evoluon in Eindhoven as part of the Dutch Technology Week. The event was organised by the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) in collaboration with Brainport Industries.

Jan van Eijk is the founder of mechatronics in the Netherlands and an unorthodox thinker. He has contributed to innovations at Philips and spin-offs such as ASML, has dedicated himself to teaching mechatronics, and places a lot of emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and soft skills.


Many prominent representatives from the high-tech industry were there to underline the importance of system architecture for the success of the Dutch high-tech systems industry and the leading role our country is playing in this field.



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2012  Erik Loopstra  ASML  pdf
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