PiB visits ASML: looking for boundaries of Precision Technology


29 March 2018

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Several times a year DSPE members are invited for a Precision in Business (PiB) Day with different technical themes.


ASML is the driving force behind the semicon industry, and the major outsourcer in the region (regional, national, international). In their Experience Centre they show how their machines are built and work. This is a place of the boundaries of precision technology.


On March 29, ASML will host a Precision in Business day organized by the DSPE. If you want to participate, it is good to register quickly because there is a maximum number of participants at this meeting.




13:30 Coffee/tea
13:50 Opening, Bart Dirkx, boardmember DSPE
14:00 ASML Experience Centre, Cor Ottens, ‎Sr. Manager Opto-Mechanics ASML


ASML's role in both technology and society is fascinating. But how did all come about, what were the greatest challenges and what are the current hot topics? What are our Corporate Priorities and where will ASML be heading in the future? What makes people want to work here, and what makes us so proud of ASML? Visiting the ASML Experience Center provides answers to these and many other questions. They include a wafer-shaped film screen, a full-size projection of an EUV machine experienced in active 3D view, a touch-screen diversity tour of our people and competences, a cleanroom experience, and at the heart of the EC: a huge interactive multiscreen video wall.

15:15 Coffee Break
15:30 Alignment of a high power CO2-laser, Bas van Dorp, Optomechanical Architect ASML


In the Extreme Ultra Violet, EUV machines, ASML is making EUV light by shooting with a high power CO2 laser beam on a tiny tin droplet that transforms into a plasma that radiates EUV light of 13.5nm.
To get the right amount of EUV power, a CO2 laser beam of 30.00 Watt is needed. As comparison, to cut 50 mm steel plate a CO2 laser of 5000 Watt is sufficient.
But How to get this 30.000 Watt CO2 laser light from the laser to the machine over a distance of 25 meter. Special water-cooled mirrors are used but also ingenious alignment methods.
Bas van Dorp will give insight this presentation how this Beam delivery system looks like and how it will be aligned including inventions that are made to make it possible.

16:15 Tour TMF (Test & Measurement Facilities), Robert Swinckels,Groupleader Test & Measurement Facilities ASML
17:30 Drinks and snacks



Maximum of guests: 40

Location: ASML Experience Centre, De Run 6635, , Building 7, 5504 DT Veldhoven